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Consciously Living Plastic-Free

eco friendly product
eco friendly product
eco friendly product

I can't exactly tell you the precise moment when I decided to move towards a "plastic-free lifestyle." Do you have a moment that you remember? Was there one decisive moment in time where you said...


Maybe it was out of frustration, guilt, or inspiration that made you decide to begin exploring reducing your plastic, doing more DIY, trying to be more "eco-conscious" and living more sustainably.

My journey into a plastic-free lifestyle was slow and gradual but started at a young age. I was always averse to singe-use plastic bags, perhaps because I remember (and still do) see them stuck in trees (almost like a toxic ghost) trying to be consumed by different types of wildlife, or floating in a river.

Living plastic-free is difficult, no doubt about that. Everyone that lives a "plastic-free lifestyle" will tell you that. It requires passion, dedication, patience and planning. It requires changing your habits and your daily routine. You must remember your reusable water bottle. You must have your snacks packed in plastic-free packaging because more and more it is difficult to find plastic-free food on-the-go. You must have your cotton bag ready for any moment you make a purchase if they only have a plastic bag option. All of this is possible, as I said, with dedication, patience and planning. But trust me, the reward, is indescribable!

If something, or someone, has been nudging you to reduce your single-use plastic consumption...YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO IT! You just have to do it consciously. 

The best way to begin? Start small.

1. Ditch the single-use plastic bag for sure! (No problem in NY where they are now banned—Yay!)

2. Make a swap from plastic wrap to eco-friendly beeswax wraps. This company Bee's Wrap are by far my favorite! Locally located in Vermont.

3. Bring your own reusable cotton produce bags to the grocery stores to get produce like green beans, brussel sprouts, lettuce, etc!

Whatever you choose to start with, be consistent with yourself. Set yourself reminders, put the reusable bags near the door or in your car when you are done with it. Take the time to stop and make sure you have your reusables before leaving the house. Be patient with yourself, as this truly is a journey.

Small steps, consistency, and dedication will assist you in consciously living plastic-free.