We value being open, honest, and transparent with our customers!

We want our customers to know where their eco-friendly, sustainable products are coming from as well as who makes those wonderful products.

We also value partnering with small companies and organizations to support disadvantaged artisans working to maintain a livelihood in a competitive global market. We pride ourselves on the partnerships that ensure their employment, craft, and healthcare. 

The Artisans & their work

Cotton Travel Bags, Straws, and Cutlery Sets

This group of artisans is based out of Kolkata, India. We partner with an organization that provides vocational training to physically disabled community members that are often marginalized in Indian society and treated as second class citizens. This wonderful group hand makes our signature Earth Sunflower cotton travel bags that come with our straws and cutlery sets! Most of the artisans that hand craft these bags are hearing or visually impaired. We are happy to support them and their craft!

Organic Cotton Produce Bags & Soap Bags

Meet the group of artisans that produce your organic cotton produce bags and cotton soap bags! From actually creating the cotton thread, manually cutting the different sizes, to tying the knots on the bags, this group of dedicated artisans makes our best selling products with love. This group of artisans is based out of Tamil Nadu, India. All of the cotton they create is certified organic through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This operation alone employs over 20 community members, providing them with financial stability and health care.

Organic Bamboo Cutlery Sets

Meet the artisans that hand make our organic bamboo cutlery sets! Rommez Uddin, master artisan Sorabh Ali and Shahjahan Ali. These talented bamboo craftsmen create organic bamboo goods in the Northeastern state of Assam, India. Bamboo is the means for them to come out of poverty and support their families. Shahjahan Ali dreams one day of having his own company of bamboo craftsmen. The picture of the larger group is the entire organization and all of their team members! This organization is trained and supported by UNDP (United Nations Development Program).

Hand-made Makeup Rounds

Our newest addition to the Earth Sunflower team—the artisans that hand make our organic cotton make-up rounds! The artisans that hand craft our organic make-up rounds are a wonderful group of women from Bali, Indonesia. The women use 100% recycled materials from our left over casings from our cutlery, yoga bags and eye pillows, so no extra cotton goes to the landfills!

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