Grass-roots environmental campaign turned eco-business.

A note from our CEO Jill:

From a young age, I was always passionate about the environment, with a true love for fraulking in the woods. As I grew older, I became dedicated to discover what I could personally do to help the world’s natural ecosystems thrive and sustain themselves. I wanted to focus in on something in particular where I could make long lasting change. I soon realized that my passion, dedication, and frustration about the single-use plastic pollution epidemic could be channeled into something proactive and positive.

This is where Earth Sunflower was born.

Earth’s Sunflower mission is to not only educate the public on single-use plastics, but to provide eco-friendly, non-toxic, sustainable alternatives. We pride ourselves on the products we sell, the mission we stand behind, and the brighter, greener future we can all create together.

I try my hardest to ensure that all of our products are sustainably, ethically and responsibly sourced. I got first hand experience in India and South East Asia where many of our products are responsibly sourced from. These rich cultures hold a very special place in my heart.

I hope you will choose to join our tribe of people choosing to take a stand against single-use plastics for a brighter and healthier future for all of us.

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